About Us

Welcome to CelebrityQnA

CelebrityQnA.com site is a online biographical encyclopedia. The life stories of various popular celebs can be immediately gotten to through this website. We dig into the history as well as the present of the stars, whose life stories are supplemented by chronologies, commented photographic galleries, videos and other multimedia elements.

Although conceived from its birth for its publication on the Internet, this site does not have a different task from the classic encyclopedias on paper: the dissemination of knowledge through, in this case, an alphabetical compendium of biographical sketches and reviews drawn with objectivity and conciseness. Its purpose is eminently informative: it does not intend to provide new data on the lives of the biographed characters, but to organize the existing data in a pleasant and affordable synthesis. Only in the case of figures of particular relevance or transcendence do we expand on the trajectory and achievements of the character.


For the sake of that same didactic and informative simplicity to which we aspire, a record of the sources consulted is not included in each biography, which would not be very useful either, since they are usually manuals and reference works of recognized prestige but of a general nature.